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Open Hole Logging


 We offer well logging services for every environment, including advanced formation evaluation as well as production and reservoir monitoring

The Baker Hughes FOCUS™ openhole logging suite, which we deploy, significantly combines advanced logging instruments to reduce NPT while maintaining the highest data accuracy and precision.

All downhole sensors on the FOCUS logging tools, including the nuclear porosity instruments, record data at logging speeds of up to 60 ft/min [18 m/min]. Measurements are corrected for "stick and pull" using data from a three-axis accelerometer sensor to ensure accuracy at higher speeds. Additionally, accelerometer data can be used to measure borehole inclination on every well where FOCUS is used.

Short, lightweight logging instruments save rig time by reducing the rathole needed for logging. The FOCUS logging strings are shorter than comparable triple-combo services and offer better measurement integrity. The measurement services made with our FOCUS Triple-combo include

  • FOCUS High-Definition Induction Log™ (HDIL™)
  • FOCUS Compensated Z-Densilog™ (ZDL™)
  • FOCUS Compensated Neutron (CN™)
  • FOCU Gamma Ray (G R™).