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Our Inline inspection Services include:

Impact Logger Services:

Our impact Logger Service is the most cost-effective in-line measurement service that provides critical information at a small fraction of the cost of full regime inspection services. Its Highlights include:

·         Provides flow rate, temperature and other measurements

·         Locates dents and diameter reduction

·         Indicated areas of debris and deposit accumulation

·         Ideal for confirming effectiveness of deposit removal operation

·         Passes where most inspection tools will not

 Multi-Caliper Services:

Breez Mac Energy Consulting Inc  multi-caliper tools are readily available for quick answers such as pipeline ovality, location and magnitude of diameter reduction, bulging etc. Our multi caliper service is ideal for new constructs and periodic diameter verifications. Multi caliper information is very useful in confirming the condition of pipeline before committing to more expensive inline services.

Thickness And Corrossion Services:

Breez Mac Energy Consulting Inc offers high resolution MFL services for more detailed integrity assessment of pipeline. Services are offered in pipeline sizes 6” to 46”. Short length tools, are capable of inspecting pipelines with high bend radius.