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On the average, Breez Mac Energy Consulting Inc engineers design and execute pigging programs in over 1000 pipelines each year. Each project is different. Job design involves decision on several parameters such as:

  • Pig type and design
  • Pipeline flowing conditions
  • Length of Pipeline
  • Pigging Objective
  • Pressure monitoring
  • Valve conditions and operations
  • Debris type and handling
  • Waste Management
  • Safety Considerations
  • Auxiliary Pumping requirements
  • Pig tracking and job monitoring
  • Reporting and record keeping
  • Prevention of stuck-pig condition

Breez Mac Energy Consulting Inc engineers and technicians are professionals who work to ensure uninterrupted flow and prolong pipeline service life. BGT executes operations in remote locations, on swamp, land and offshore. We design pigs for special applications Breez Mac Energy Consulting Inc subsidiary company PPA manufactures quality pigs and accessories for various applications.